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Allowable Solutions

Published on 21 August 2013 at 11:00

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The Government is undergoing a 10 week consultation period to set the parameters for the delivery of Allowable Solutions, as part of their commitment to reduce carbon emissions and implement zero carbon homes by the 2016 potential target.

Although originally intended that all zero carbon standards could be met on-site through fabric energy efficiency and carbon compliance, the Government proposes that further savings can be made via off-site projects and measures to reduce carbon emissions through the overarching term referred to as “Allowable Solutions” (carbon off-setting).

House builders will be required to meet requirements for all 3 areas to meet the zero carbon standards.

Decisions made will deliver amendments to the Building Regulations in due course.

The Government is now consulting on all aspects of delivering Allowable Solutions including:

·         Design Principles

·         Delivery Options

·         Measures and Verifications

·         Spatial Criteria

·         Price Caps

The consultation document can be found at the following link, alongside the Development Stage Impact Assessment:

A “Consultation Response Form” is also available at the above link. The consultation runs from 6 August 2013 to 15 October 2013.