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Aviator Hotel

Published on 18 February 2013 at 17:18

Grand curved staircase representing the propeller shaft View image

The Aviator is a new hotel at Farnborough Airport (TAG Aviation Group owned) and is one of the UKs most striking designed hotels, the  elongated building is based on the contours of a huge propeller.   

Inside, at the centre of the building, is a round atrium, with a grand curved staircase representing the propeller shaft.   From its central point continuous spaces flow into one another spanning out like blades of a propeller. 

Constructed over 5 storeys, there are 169 bedrooms and suites ranged over the first, second and third floors including 19 Sky Studios and a further 12 Aviator Plus rooms  all sleek and modern combined with aero related art continuing the theme.

The lobby and atrium of the hotel present the Deli, Brasserie and Sky Bar, Sky Lounge offering commanding views of the  airport.   The private entrance to the events wing and dedicated relaxing lounge areas provide direct access to the premium meeting facilities with seven rooms naturally lit and with airside views.

Photo credit: Hamilton Architects

AIS Services: Building Regulation Approvals

Design Team: Hamilton Architects