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Marlowe Academy

Published on 19 February 2013 at 09:55

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The Marlowe Academy was completed in 2006 and is under one structure: a complete 1200 student town under a single roof with the longest spanning Kerto grid shell in the UK. In a landscaped arena that draws the local public in to share the theatre and library facilities it  breaks free from conventional ideas about school design and use.

The £21M building was given a main centre focus by connecting these spaces with a central theatre for the whole school to gather, perform and showcase its achievements. Its ground breaking design has received 3 awards. 

Photo Credit: Diane Auckland/

AIS Services: Building Regulation Approvals

Design Team: BDP Architects

Awards: 2007 RIBA Sorrell Foundation Schools Award, 2007 RIBA National Award and 2007 Wood Award (Structural Category)