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Thomas Deacon Academy

Published on 19 February 2013 at 11:03

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Designed by Fosters and Partners The Thomas Deacon Academy in Peterborough opened to students in September 2007 following a two year construction period.  The Academy is one of the largest in the country following the merging of activities from three existing schools to provide facilities for 2200 students aged between 11-19.    

To achieve the "university" style of learning, six separate colleges were created and define the curved form of the building and in turn the span of the roof that encloses the spaces.  A dynamic and efficient glass and steel structure roof over the central concourse offers shape, assists the ventilation strategy fo the building, provides a smoke reservoir in the event of a fire, natural daylight and acoustic control.  

Photo Credit: Robert Greshoff/

AIS Services: Building Regulation Approvals

Design Team: Fosters and Partners