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Consultancy Services

Fire Safety Engineering

Our Fire Engineering team have a wealth of experience gained over many roles and sectors delivering innovative solutions to ensure our clients comply with their statutory obligations.

We provide the full range of fire engineering services, including but not limited to:

Party Wall Surveyors

The Party Wall etc Act 1996 gives homeowners rights to do work to the party wall (shared wall) and when excavating or building close to the boundary line. The main obligations are to tell the neighbour that the work is to be done and to repair any damage that might be caused by the work.

Under the Act the person carrying out the work is known as the Building Owner and the neighbour is known as the Adjoining Owner. AIS can act for either or both parties to ensure that the provisions of the Party Wall etc Act are met and ensure a smooth progression of your projects.

CDM Advisor Services

AIS has a wealth of experience providing health and safety services, we have a CDM advisory package to suit your needs and help you undertake your duties under the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015.

You will be allocated your own personal CDM advisor who will be your single point of contact throughout the project. Our services are flexible and can be tailored to your needs, they include but not limited to:

Expert Witness

When things go wrong our team of experienced independent and unbiased professionals are ideally placed to step in and give an expert verdict on matters that are in dispute. An Expert Witness is someone who has a special knowledge, skill, or experience in the subject about which he/she is to testify. The primary function of an expert witness is to express his independent expert opinion based on the information that is provided. The time this skill is called upon is generally when things have gone wrong and a dispute arises that is heading towards litigation.

The overriding duty of any expert is to the court, or other judicial body, to help it decide matters within the expert’s expertise and not to the person paying the expert’s fees. Expert evidence must be independent, objective and unbiased. We act as an expert Witness for private individuals and corporate clients or as a ‘Single Joint Expert’ appointed by the court.

AIS are an RICS regulated practice, our Chartered Surveyors conform to the requirements of the RICS Practice Statement for Surveyors Acting as Expert Witnesses. Our Chartered Engineers follow their specific professional institute guidance where that differs from the RICS Practice Statement. Furthermore all are bound by the requirements of the Civil Procedure Rules that govern the way court cases are conducted in England and Wales.

Building Surveying

Licence for Alterations

Tenant alterations to a leased property are normally undertaken subject to a Licence for Alterations. This is a legal document annexed to a lease which carefully identifies and records the works to be undertaken and the reinstatement obligations at the lease expiry.

Licences can produce significant and contentious disputes between the landlord and tenant. With our well established expertise in Dilapidation matters, we know that dealing properly with alterations before they are carried out will significantly reduce the scope for dispute.

Defect Analysis/Building Pathology

AIS has a wealth of experience in the survey and diagnosis of construction and building fabric defects to all building and construction types and ages. We use our expertise on construction methods and materials, along with an up to date knowledge of current failures, to:


It is usual in any lease that the tenant will have certain obligations as to what condition the property should be left at lease end, so AIS acts on dilapidations instructions on behalf of a wide variety of landlords and tenants across all property sectors, building types and ages.

Schedule of Condition

A Schedule of Condition is a record of the precise condition of a building and the associated external surfaces and boundary areas at a certain point in time. AIS has extensive experience in the production of such schedules for landlords, tenants, contractors, developers, building owners and adjoining owners.

For more information about our services and to discuss your project needs please call 020 7491 1914.